About the Book

Recognize when you are working Plan B and let God bring you back to Plan A.

No Plan B: Returning to God’s Original Plan for Your Life Kindle

No Plan B - The third book by Randal Wiedemann - helps Christians recognize the temptations to go it alone and trust themselves rather than God. The message of our age is to have Plan B ready, in case God’s plan doesn’t work for us. Sooner or later, we are faced with the failure of Plan B. Having made a mess of things, we often try to make things right on our own, only to drift further away from God’s ideal plan for us. Eventually, we begin to believe we’ve burned our bridges back to Him. Randal provides hope by sharing stories of men and women in the Bible who made their way to Plan A. Some were tempted by Plan B, but stayed with Plan A. Some were beguiled and gave in to Plan B, eventually realizing their need for redemption and restoration to Plan A. The true heroes of the faith learned how to persevere and deliberately live in Plan A the rest of their days. If you too have ever entertained the hope of living a life in the center of God’s will, No Plan B is an excellent step in your journey.

About the Author

Randal A. Wiedemann served as a pastor for many years, while simultaneously building a reputation for excellence as an aviation consultant.

Randal has an M.B.A. from the University of Cincinnati, and a Master’s in Practical Ministries from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He is an authority on making mistakes and experiencing the grace of God firsthand. Randal is president of an aviation consulting firm and lives with his family in central Kentucky. Randal's ministry to nursing homes began when he visited his mother at Dover Manor. It has continued and grown over the years. He has recorded stories about this process to help others discover their hidden ministry talents.

Randal Wiedemann